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MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT TRIP LOG AND INVOICE FORM Must be sent to LogistiCare Attn Billing Dept PO Box 248 Norton VA 24273 DRIVER NAME RELATIONSHIP TO MEMBER DRIVER MAILING ADDRESS DRIVER PHONE CITY/STATE/ZIP MEMBER NAME If different from Driver IS TRIP A STANDING ORDER Trip Date Trip/Job Y N MEMBER ID IF YES CIRCLE THE DAYS TRAVELED WEEKLY S M T W T F S Medical Provider Name Phone Physician/Clinician Signature TOTAL MILES Name Phone Each date of service must have a physician or clinician...
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An important story that voices has been covering is a massive privatization failure here in Wisconsin and apparently across the nation non-emergency medical transportation rides are now arranged by a private company called logistic care a subsidiary of the Providence Service Corporation in 2005 the Bush budget repair bill created a tiered reimbursement system for the states and certain services as a result of this many states decided to contract out the arrangement of non-emergency medical transportation to a private company called logistic care now don't let that term fool you non-emergency medical transportation sounds like these are not important rights but that's absolutely not true qualified members that do not have access to other transportation need these rides to maintain their health and actually even their lives things like chemotherapy dialysis any medical condition that is being sought or treated by a qualified member is a non-emergency medical transportation ride and these do directly impact quality life and in some cases are actually life and death situations last summer the wall Packard newspaper reported a tragic story about a man named Glenn berry who had tried to get rides brokered through logistic air two-seven dialysis appointments and each time he was stood up for the ride he was quoted in the newspaper as saying I feel like they are trying to kill me voices got on this story because people started asking us questions so we started asking questions I saw that story about Glenn berry and thought it was tragic and made some phone calls as a result I was able to hook up with a network of people with inside information people that at this time choose to be anonymous the contract with logistic air actually began under former governor Jim Doyle the federal government conducted an audit to see if the reimbursements being paid to the state of Wisconsin we're on the up-and-up the feds chose a sample of a hundred rides and investigated to see if they fully qualified for reimbursement 18 of these rides seemed questionable and two of the rides did not have enough data to justify the reimbursement you see previously these rides had been arranged at the county level and voices has inside information that says the reason that the state did not have complete data on these rides is because the state did not want this data the state had no system to collect this data so counties that had this information were not allowed to share everything that was needed and some other counties because the state wouldn't take the information anyways did not keep full and detailed records as a result of this audit the federal government determined that some reimbursements were paid that needed to be paid back but they didn't just the man payment back of those 20 cases they extrapolated and calculated that the state of Wisconsin had received nearly $700,000 in reimbursement and almost 350,000 of that was not properly documented so the state of Wisconsin was...